is entering its 19th year of existence as of today. Which is nothing short of amazing, to be honest. Especially given how this group of veteran video games enthusiasts continues chugging along and covering the gaming industry on an everyday basis in a pleasantly consistent fashion.

And most will agree how few practices build a loyal following as efficiently as such a consistent track record of reporting does; at least as far as traditional news coverage on the Internet is concerned. Interestingly enough, The Invader’s staff does not see its 18 years’ worth of reporting as that big of a deal, though it acknowledges how it never would have expected the site to still be live and regularly updated as of 2020.

And just for some tiny bit of extra context, we are talking about an outlet that started reporting on the video games industry back when titles such as GTA: Vice City, Age of Mythology, and 007: Nightfire were battling for every minute of our spare time. As well as one in which many cult classics and full-fledged masterpieces in the vein of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the original 3D remake of Jordan Mechner’s Prince of Persia have not even been completed just yet. Let alone produced, boxed, released, and celebrated en masse.

The Invader has been bringing us news coverage before we have even learned about the first Call of Duty. Therefore, it also predates the most legendary MMORPG of them all, seeing how it started operating nearly two full years prior to Club Penguin’s worldwide release (rest in peace, sweet prince).

And it is somehow still going strong. In this sense, The Invader is still as much of a passion project as it always was. Since it would appear that not even almost two decades of tiring media work did anything but deepened its staff’s infatuation with interactive entertainment. Making us excited to see what’s next for them.