Sony Electronics has a new technology promising to usher in a new era of design apps. It’s called the Spatial Reality Display and is based on Sony’s previously introduced Eye-Sensing Light Field Display that the company already showcased at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, back in early January.

The whole point of the tech is to make prototyping of complex 3D models and visual effects, especially those meant to move, i.e. animations, much easier than what has been the case so far. A lot of it is powered by the so-called high-speed vision sensor which tracks eye position in a three-dimensional space in order to render the most accurate, believable image possible, while requiring as little of the creator’s effort as possible, at that.

This is all without any use of artificial reality or virtual reality headsets, mind you, which is what makes this display a rather unique offering across any industry. Its rendering algorithms are baked in on a hardware level, with the product itself offering 15.6 inches of LCD real estate diagonally.

The SR Display can already be ordered from Sony Electronics and its official distributors in the U.S. It’s priced at $4,999.99, whereas Canadians will be asked to part with $6,649.99 CAD in exchange for one of these hi-tech designer tools.

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