As one of the most diversified technology companies in the world, it is almost surprising that Sony hasn’t yet financed a serious drone venture, at least not in its number one area of expertise. Which would be the consumer electronics market, of course.

Well, that finally changes today, and in perhaps the least dramatic way possible. As Sony’s long-awaited announcement of a consumer-level foray into the world of drones appears to be a carbon copy of numerous predictions on the matter that various industry analyst have been freely sharing since at least late 2017.

To start, the Tokyo-headquartered company will be organizing the entirety of this endeavor under a new consumer drone brand called Airpeak. These aren’t completely uncharted waters for Sony, mind you, as evidenced by the existence of Aerosense.

This similar-sounding name deonotes another drone venture Sony has already been pursuing for several years in partnership with Austrian robotic specialists at ZMP.

Except that partnership had nothing to do with consumer tech and was instead focused on terrain surveying and general-purpose SaaS offerings aimed at enterprise clients and governments. With Airpeak, that niche focus is about to change in a big way, with Sony confirming plans to cater to a number of content creator demographics with its incoming aircraft.

The first Airpeak drones are expected to launch and release in the United States in the second half of 2021.

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