Snapchat developer Snap Inc. today announced a pretty remarkable, if somewhat niche-sounding milestone, having said its augmented reality tools now boast 170 million daily users. And what it didn’t say but definitely should have is that this means Snapchat succeeded at something even the global phenomenon Pokemon Go failed at: immersing countless smartphone owners in the United States and abroad into the world of modern AR apps.

Looking at the wider context, about three-quarters of all Snapchat users peruse the app’s AR tools every single day. This metric is in line with years’ worth of various indicators that have long been painting Snapchat as a mobile app with a remarkably high user engagement rate, even compared to other social media platforms on Android and iOS.

Snap is already in the process of following up on this achievement with a staged release of a new in-app Snapchat tool that lets users scan their surroundings and interact with a range of digital content made to respond to their attention.

The tool, simply called Scan, should be available on every stateside Android and iOS device compatible with the latest version of Snaphact by the end of the year – and probably even before this month comes to a close.

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