Samsung this week highlighted its latest sustainability efforts, vowing to innovate its way toward a greener future for all.

How can a tech company provide a greener future?

Samsung showcased yesterday online a whole package of steps it’s taking to make sure that it stays on the right side when it comes to minimizing its ecological impact. The tech giant explained that it’s investing in the development of green technologies, applying circular economy principles, and helping its consumers become more socially conscious. One of the ways to achieve that is through Generation 17. It’s Samsung’s and United Nation Development Programme’s initiative that shares stories of young leaders trying to save the planet and provides them with needed mentorships, networks, and technology. Galaxy Upcycling program, on the other hand, transforms smartphones into new and convenient devices.

There are also innovations when it comes to TV. In 2021, every Samsung QLED 4K and 8K TV will be provided with a Solar Cell Remote Control that can be charged even with the everyday light inside your home. And in case you’re more interested in housekeeping solutions, Samsung’s also including greener innovations in the AI technology in that field. Washing machines will be eco optimized in every possible way, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.