Six weeks after announcing an indefinite delay of the second half of “Rick and Morty” Season 4, American cable giant Adult Swim at last followed up on that disappointing decision with something the fans of the show will actually want to hear. That would, of course, be the date on which their favorite show will finally return to the television screens.

That’s the best piece of today’s news, whereas a slightly less stellar part of the announcement is that the wait for Rick and Morty to return to Adult Swim is still going to be over a month long. More specifically, its home network announced that the rest of the current season will begin airing on May the 4th (be with you). Which happens to be this year’s Star Wars day, as well. As a reminder, the series was postponed back in February after hitting its exact halfway mark.

The rest of the ordered batch now confirmed to be returning early next month therefore contains another five episodes. As if it wasn’t toying with the show’s fans’ emotions enough, Adult Swim decided to announce this news as part of its April’s Fools shenanigans, leaving many to wonder whether the aforementioned date was legitimate.

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