The PlayStation VR headset has been arguably the most affordable entry point into the world of virtual reality entertainment for a good few years by now. At least when it comes to somewhat high-end experiences. And hunting refurbished products has been an excellent way of shaving off a lot of money from your next gadget purchase for even longer. See where we are going with this?

Regardless, GameStop is currently offering refurbished PSVR headsets for just $99, which is the new all-time low for Sony’s VR gadget by quite a margin. The deal appears to be limited to U.S. customers (sorry, Canada) and probably won’t last for long but it does redefine our perception of what a good value price for a PSVR is. Naturally, this offer does not include the PlayStation Move motion controllers, and neither does it have the PlayStation Camera, both of which are integral to experiencing any truly interactive VR content on your PlayStation 4 (Pro) console.

For reference, a comparably capable Oculus Rift – the original one from ages past – still goes for $300-$400, even as a refurbished unit in this day and age. Furthermore, the upcoming arrival of the PS5 will not be followed by a new generation of PSVR, making the original headset a sound investment even today, four years following its original market release.

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