InkEvolved, one of the first versatile Helpdesks dedicated to providing printer users with troubleshooting solutions, has decided to undergo a rebranding. From Canon to Epson, some of the biggest brands in the printer community have their section on the InkEvolved website. Unlike other sites that site entirely to one name brand, this one has several of them. 

Having encountered our fair share of printer problems back in the day, we started toying with the idea of starting our very own printing helpdesk early in our college years.” – The InkEvolved Team 

Its been three years since they launched their site, and now that their anniversary is coming up in July, it is time to tell the world about the significant changes that will be coming in the next few months. The most notable difference for their visitors is that InkEvolved is no longer the site’s official name. Now PrinterHeadlines will be the new home for InkEvolved. 

Doubling Up The Team 

The new home is also welcoming four new members who will write up more troubleshooting articles about four new printers that will also be joining the community. The team had four specialists covering Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon printers, but from now on, Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh find themselves on that list too. For the future, they are also looking into adding more subjects related to 3D printers as well. 

Fusing new troubleshooting content and a remodelled platform means that the overall user experience will ultimately reach a higher level. The first steps they have taken for the remodelling are moving from the unmanaged WordPress platform and trying out the managed solution from Kinsta. After that, the team decided to use the tagDiv platform due to its exemplary performance and features. 

Bringing The Printer Community Together 

The overall rebranding objective is to bring the printer community closer together in troubleshooting and the general aspect of printing. Two of the main ways they will do this is by adding more categories to the PrinterHeadlines page. This change will direct visitors to the page for troubleshooting advice and other information that could be useful, such as reviews, news, best buys, manuals, and more. 

Another way they hope to unite the printing community is by keeping up with their social media pages. Till now, their Facebook hasnt been too active and informative for users, so they promised to take matters into their own hands and promised to dedicate some time and effort into this area PrinterHeadlines. VisitPrinterHeadlinesfor all the latest news in the printer world.