Sony certainly took its time with explaining the backwards compatibility of the PlayStation 5 but it finally came around to doing just that, with barely a month left ahead of the console’s official release in the United States.

The company clarified the PS5 feature that allows it to play PS4 games in a rather low-key manner, choosing to do so via a new support page instead of a more widely publicized announcement. In any case, we now know that the PS5 will be able to play nearly every PS4 game ever released, which makes for a last-gen library spanning more than 4,000 titles which have been released for the current-gen systems since 2013.

And much like the PS4 Pro was capable of boosting certain games up to 4K, the PS5 will be able to boost even more of them to 4k, 60fps gameplay. The exact list of those will depend on a given game’s developers, i.e. their willingness to optimize their previous releases for the new system.

Of course, all of Sony’s own first-party games for the PS4 are among those that will benefit from the PS5 jump the most. As for the PS4 games *not* compatible with the PS5 whatsoever, the list includes only 10 releases, all of which are rather niche offerings, with the exception of Hitman Go: Definitive Edition, a diorama-styled game that is a rather curious item to be included in such a group anyway.

The PSVR games? Although the system will not support the last-gen camera, it’s still going to support the  games, so a “hey ho” for that.

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