Nintendo fans waited impatiently for the E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, and one of the anticipated announcements was about the new Switch gaming console. Unfortunately, the company didn’t deliver on that wish, but it did have some great news and games for fans. We did find out more about the Breath of the Wild sequel and got a presentation for games that are now out there or will be later this year.  

Metroid Dread Shooting Platformer 

The story continues after the events in the Metroid Fusion; again, you play as intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. She came to the remote planet ZDR investigating a mysterious message sent to the Galactic Federation.  

Unfortunately, the planet is in the hands of evil aliens and mechanical monsters known as The Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers. Agile and with solid armour, Samus must run away. The game is the first 2D Metroid title in 19 years, and developers added new actions in a platformer-style shooter game available on October 8. 

DLC that made the list   

Nintendo Direct introduced some of the third-party developer updates, and one of the pivotal moments was the DLC for Bethesda’s Doom Eternal. The Ancient Gods is the first campaign expansion for one of the best FPS ports to the console. The original game had few known issues, almost no Nintendo Switch Error Codes, and life-like visuals so that Doom fans will get all this in this expansion. The Ancient Gods Part One expansion akes you through dimensions, and you must fight your way back to Urdak. Part Two of the expansion set will come out at the end of the year.  

Nintendo 64 Boards Coming Back With Mario Party Superstars 

While Metroid Dread brings out a new concept to a storied franchise, the newly announced Party game brings back well-known content from Nintendo 64 and the GameCube era. But, for now, it’s confirmed that we’ll see Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land among five Party boards. 

There is also a massive collection of 100 minigames, all remastered and ready to play on Joy-Cons or Switch Pro controller. In addition, you can try playboards and minigames with up to four players on local and online multiplayer. The game got a release date of October 29. 

BOTW2 Teaser 

A cloud of expectation hovers over The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel. We saw the first glimpse into a much-anticipated game in 2019, and now Nintendo showed the second trailer. At the end of the video, there was a confirmation that we will see a new Zelda open-world game in 2022.  

Besides the new dungeon design we witnessed in the first trailer, we now know that the game will have the Floating Cities we saw in Skyward Sword. In addition, we can expect larger maps and Link jumping and paragliding from cities in the sky in the kingdom of Hyrule. 

Other notable games introduced on E3 include WarioWare: Get it Together, Shin Megami Tensei V, Strange Brigade and The Advance Wars 1+3 Re-Boot Camp that is coming to the Switch system. This news is not the last from the company this year, and the most significant announcement we could expect is about the successor to the Nintendo Switch console.