The latest announcement out of MSI’s workshop isn’t centered on hardware, at least not in the way we’d expect. Instead, Micro-Star International today took the wraps off the MSI Monitor Console Mode, a software feature coming to a large number of its gaming displays that are already on the market and available to buy, as well as pretty much every future monitor that’s in the works.

The functionality in question has a pretty telling name but just for added clarity, its entire idea is to ease the concerns of future PlayStation 5 owners. If you did not hear about Sony’s curious technical decision just yet, note that the PS5 won’t offer native QHD output. Instead, QHD displays would be forced to upscale an FHD signal. This will not just degrade the quality of the final image compared to a native 4K output but also complicate the process of displaying the action on the screen to the point that it might introduce latency issues which could hurt one’s ability to compete in reflex-based multiplayer games such as shooters.

The MSI Monitor Console Mode addresses this hindrance by tricking the PS5 into sending it a 4K signal, then simply downscaling that image to a QHD one. This, in turn, will deliver better texture quality than native 1440p. As an added bonus, the HDR capabilities Sony baked into its next-generation gaming console will also work without a hitch in this mode. Of course, assuming the actual monitor in use supports HDR functionality.

As reported by, Five of the latest curved monitors and three flat models from MSI’s Optix, Creator, and the newly introduced MPG Artymis series are planned to receive this feature in the coming days via an update, or will simply offer it out of the box.

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