MSI seems ready to rethink budget gaming motherboards with the B560 and H510, a pair of mobos that start at just $89.

How far can two figures go in the world of motherboards?

The B560 and H510 were unveiled in a pretty casual manner during the latest episode of the MSI Insider Show. You can watch the whole YouTube broadcast below, but the main takeaway is that MSI is seriously pushing the envelope for what constitutes a budget gaming PC motherboard. Namely, the B560 and H510 will start at $99 and $89, respectively. As per usual, MSI has a handful of designs based on both of these reference boards in the works. And sitting on the opposite end of the price spectrum is the MPG B560I Gaming Edge WiFi, which stands to retail at $159. As that mouthful of a name suggests, this particular implementation offers integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. And it’s far from the only one to do so.

The MSI H510 and B560 have both been designed for Intel’s incoming 11th-Generation processors from the so-called Rocket Lake-S family. MSI will be specifically targeting small form factors with many individual models. But if its aggressive pricing is still not to one’s liking, all Rocket Lake-S processors will also be compatible with MSI 400-series motherboards. As for the new products, the MSI B560 and H510 will become available for purchase across the U.S. in the coming weeks.