Computer hardware and accessory maker Micro-Star International today announced its newest monitor, which happens to be debuting as part of an entirely fresh brand, as well.

We are talking about the MSI Artymis series, which is how the company is calling another major innovation orchestrated by its talented product design and logistics teams. Namely, the MSI Artymis marks the debut of the first 1000R curved monitors ever created.

Which is a remarkable achievement that we would have expected to end up in the trophy cabinet of some much larger company with more widespread display industry dominance. We won’t name any names, but the one that comes to mind as a much more obvious choice starts with an S and ends with amsung.

Anyway, it is MSI that is now making history with a seminal 1000R monitor instead. For those not in the know, the said designation refers to the curvature ratio of the display. In this instance, it describes a panel that would form a circle with a 1,000mm (1 meter) radius if its sides just kept expanding until meeting one another. So, one way to look at the MSI Artymis is as a beginning of a sizable sphere with a 2-meter diameter.

Other key features of this device include intelligent brightness management, built-in speakers with a microphone array capable of noise cancellation, display-level customization of in-game crosshairs (or just the ability to add a reticule to game that don’t have one), and something called Night Vision AI which promises to help you spot enemies at night.

No, not the neighbors, this is still just a gaming gimmick – one that will definitely ensure the MSI Artymis will be banned from coming into 15 feet of any eSports competition, at that. Speaking of a lack of arrivals, MSI has yet to even mention any pricing and availability info concerning this monitor.

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