As is often the case whenever the end of a calendar year appears close, consumer electronics companies are racing to release as many products that are somewhat pricey, but not to he point that they aren’t in the impulse purchase territory as possible. That was a mouthful of a sentence, but so is the list of new gadgets MSI will have in store for us across the United States, starting today.

Those include, but aren’t limited to the IMMERSE HS01 COMBO headset stand, doubling as a wireless charger, the CLUTCH GM20 ELITE wired gaming mouse, a pair of wired headphones called the IMMERSE GH61, and a new mechanical keyboard in the form of the VIGOR GK20. Official pricing details are still up in the air but expect the entirety of this new portfolio to be in the $70-$170 range, based on both precedent and MSI’s own track record. As the company will certainly be looking to push all of them hard this holiday season.

Oh, and all of these new devices will also be controllable via an entirely new software suite for Windows PC called the MSI Dragon Center, which appears to be pretty similar to what we’re already used to from Razer (Central, formerly Razer Synapse).

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