German luxury watchmaker Montblanc today announced the Orbis Terrarum (2020), an update to its eponymous lineup of affordable smartwatches. Affordable relative to the rest of its portfolio, that is.

As you are still looking at an investment amounting to nearly $7,000, depending on the exact model you purchase. The most affordable one is the stainless steel variant, as expected, whereas any involvement of gold drives up the price by a factor of at least three.

This is the first revision of the Orbis Terrarum range in a while now, with its goal being to bring the series in line with the Star Legacy brand that Montblanc launched in the meantime. As was the case with the 2014 originals, the main selling point of these watches is still their worldtimer watch functionality that allows you to easily keep track of time in any corner of the globe, so long as your geography knowledge includes the the list of the most iconic world capitals around the globe.

Montblanc isn’t advertising these new watches as anything close to affordable, mind you, as that simply wouldn’t be in line with its brand proposition, on the whole. Which doesn’t mean these models aren’t accessible by the company’s own standards, of course, which is ultimately all that matters. You can place your orders in the U.S. as of today, by the way.

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