Microsoft today unveiled the new Surface Hub 2S, the successor to the award-winning first-generation product that promises to be the most advanced digital whiteboard ever created.

Designed to help educators and administrators enable collaborative working in their classrooms and conference rooms, the Surface Hub 2S is similar in appearance to its predecessor but offers even more customization options to users, starting with a new series of mounts developed by Steelcase, a company that’s kind of the resident expert for display arms of any sort, with Microsoft reaching out to it specifically in order to get these arms made.

The Surface Hub 2S offers a massive, 85-inch display area that you can use to collaborate with a large number of colleagues in real time, whether in terms of actual interaction or for the simple purpose of presenting data. It is also compatible with the latest Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise app suite from Microsoft, just make sure you have the latest OS update up and running.

Microsoft is accepting pre-orders for the Surface Hub 2S 85″ as of today. Only in the United States, mind you, though Canada shouldn’t have to wait for too long to join in on the digital whiteboarding fun. First orders in the U.S. are promised to begin arriving in January.

Stateside pricing starts at $8,999.99, so make sure to buy in bulk, duh.

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