Microsoft today began rolling out Eye Contact, a teleconferencing interest feigner powered by artificial intelligence that comes in the form of an app, as all things of value do these days. This solution will modify your feed in a way that makes your boss think you’re really into this quarterly report on churn rates across secondary B2B services.

It uses machine learning models trained by Microsoft to do so, and that’s not even the only thing that makes Eye Contact worthy of the cutting-edge tech label. Unfortunately, its other stake to that title is also what makes its availability extremely limited for the time being.

Because Eye Contact has been made specifically for the SQ1, a Microsoft-made custom chipset designed for on-device machine learning applications that shipped inside the Surface Pro X which released in the U.S. last year. And only the Surface Pro X, which is why no other device can currently take advantage of this insane-looking technology, bad pun very much intended.

With that said, Microsoft expects portions of the experience will eventually be ready to be implemented into other, more affordable members of the Surface family. Though it isn’t ready to predict whether that includes some of the existing devices or only those planned to be released in the future.

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