DC Comics’ iconic superhero Peacemaker is still waiting for his live-action debut as part of “The Suicide Squad” blockbuster that is currently scheduled to hit the theaters at some point in 2021. In the meantime, HBO Max appears to have fallen in love with John Cena’s principal portrayal of the helmeted character as the TV giant just placed a direct-to-series order for an entire season of Peacemaker’s adventures.

DC Comics today announced this development, confirming that the series will be an HBO Max exclusive and that John Cena will be reprising his role from the upcoming Suicide Squad feature.

The latter project, directed by James Gunn as the latest part of the DC Extended Universe, finished filming back in late February and is currently well into the post-production phase of development. If it wasn’t for the bizarre circumstances that 2020 brought forward, DC Comics would have probably attached a concrete theater release date to the movie.

As for the aforementioned original series, the show is tentatively called “Peacemaker” and will enter active production at some point next year, DC Comics and HBO confirmed during today’s announcement. And it is pretty much a given that the first season of the show may not be its only one, depending on how well the series ends up being received by HBO’s audiences.

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