According to a newly emerged benchmark listing purportedly detailing the Core i9-11900K, Intel’s 11th-gen flagship CPU is going to be a sight to behold.

How will the Core i9-11900K fare against AMD’s latest flagship?

And not least because of the 5.3GHz boost speed that the newly sighted performance sheet suggests. The tested configuration found in the database of benchmarking tool Geekbench 5 used the Z490 Aorus Master motherboard from Gigabyte. This setup appears to have scored 10,934 points in the multi-core test while managing a 1,892 single-core rating. Needless to say, spoofing benchmarks is far from impossible, so take this leak with a proverbial grain of salt. And even if these impressive results are legitimate, synthetic benchmark ratings aren’t necessarily indicative of real-world performance.

With that said, these figures are in line with some previous Core i9-11900K leaks, all of which point to massive generational gains in terms of single-core performance. Going off the latest listing, Intel’s Rocket Lake flagship will be approximately one-third more efficient than its Comet Lake predecessor. An improvement of this magnitude is precisely what Intel needs to respond to AMD’s growingly aggressive innovations in the field. In fact, the newly leaked Core i9-11900K configuration edges out the Ryzen 5800X by roughly 13% and 5% in single- and multi-core performance, respectively.