It is no secret that Apple has had the most success in the tablet market with the iPad series. One of the iPad’s most significant advantages over its competitors is its operating system, which caters to the tablet form factor. It is noticeable when put alongside a typical Android tablet, where applications and games are usually scaled up to fit the larger screen real-estate. The iPad has evolved quite significantly from the moment it was introduced on the market, even though there is only so much you can innovate with that form factor. Therefore, Apple’s focus is on software adaptation and continuous improvement. When paired with the premium feel and design of the unibody construction, the iPad is the true trendsetter in this niche market.

IDC Reports Apple’s Major Success in iPad Sales

The latest IDC report indicates that the last quarter has been the iPad’s most successful period in the previous decade, outselling the nearest competitor Samsung by over 60%. According to the report, Apple has sold 13 million iPads compared to Samsung’s 8 million units sold. In the grand scale of things, this situation is a good indicator of just how crucial appropriate tailoring of software design is and how much it reflects on the customer base. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is a champion in hardware specifications, but it is held back with Android’s lack of adapted software design compared to the iPad’s ecosystem.

For general content consumption, a tablet (regardless of the make and model) offers a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for gaming especially. Enjoying a slow-paced classic casino game such as roulette is entirely different on a large, crisp screen like the one found on iPads. Slot machines are another excellent example of gaming on the tablet. There is little input required from the player while providing subtle thrills, all happening on that high-resolution display with responsive controls. The iGaming industry has never offered so many options for players to partake, especially when merging casino games with sportsbooks bets.

The Success of Tablet Market Indicates Consumer’s Habits

With the advancements of consumer technology we are currently experiencing, it is clear that consumers look for convenient, tastefully designed, and portable computing solutions for work and entertainment. The education industry is also adapting tablets to learn for children and adults, as the form factor goes right in the middle between a phone and a computer. An oddball in this bunch might be the Chromebook, which carries Google’s ChromeOS packed inside a compact portable computer housing. Lenovo is following the pace rather well, selling nearly 5 million units of Chromebooks and ChromeOS-powered tablets. The differences between the platform are pretty obvious, and there is not one that is better than the other in an absolute sense. Each type of device caters to a particular use case. Still, from the sales numbers, it is clear that consumers generally look for an Apple iPad for a casual portable computing experience.