Huawei purportedly decided to cut its losses in the high-end smartphone sphere, at least for the foreseeable future. To that end, the Chinese company reportedly started negotiating a sale of its two largest Android flagship lines – the Mate and P families.

Will Huawei ever return to making Android flagships?

The final decision on the matter hasn’t been set in stone just yet, but insiders close to Huawei claim the real-world situation is pretty straightforward, implying that the company will almost certainly greenlight such a divestment. Huawei’s exit from the premium smartphone market has been the subject of many rumors since the latest round of the U.S. Commerce Department’s crippling sanctions preventing the company from licensing crucial technologies like an up-to-date Android OS version with Google Mobile Services.

So, whether Huawei ever returns to designing, making, and selling cutting-edge smartphones at extremely aggressive price points primarily depends on how soon could the company free itself from the Commerce Department’s deterrents. While the Trump administration that started causing everyday supply problems for Huawei has been voted out of office, the newly inaugurated cabinet led by Joe Biden doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to let Huawei get back to pressuring American tech pioneers. As that’s pretty much what it’s been doing prior to having most of its major suppliers blocked from doing business with it, one after the other.