HTC is continuing to chug along the path toward virtual reality glory which it decided to traverse many years ago. And today, even as the overall global situation isn’t exactly ideal, the company actually seems to be in a decent position to start capitalizing on its early investments into VR technologies, both hardware and software alike.

Today, we are dealing with an update on the latter, as the American arm of the Taiwanese firm announced the U.S. launch of an open beta program for VIVE Sync, another VR app designed for the company’s head-mounted gadgets that seeks to enable remote collaborations virtually indistinghuishable from the real thing, if that makes sense.

Between remote surgery and Internet-enabled whiteboards, a surprisingly large number of today’s professions can actually be highly adaptable to this new work-from-home situation and today’s stateside debut of the VIVE Sync beta will hopefully go a long way toward proving that state of affairs, as per an official announcement from HTC.

Disclaimer: do not attempt to perform remote surgeries using this particular tool, it’s more like Facebook Spaces but with slightly less creepy characters instead of a highly specialized precision toolkit. The latter are on their way, as well, but largely depend on 5G rollouts in addition to VR hardware.

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