Taiwanese computer hardware veterans HTC and Gigabyte teamed up for something you don’t see everday: a gaming laptop VR bundled complete with a full-featured HDMI rig.

The latter, of course, comes in the form of the HTC Vive Cosmos or the Vive Cosmos Elite, depending on the exact package, though both combinations have today been introduced as part of the so-called Cosmos Series x AORUS 15G package.

The titular AORUS 15G is Gigabyte’s latest Windows gaming notebook which leaves very little to be desired no matter where you look. The kicker, naturally, is the price of this high-end tie-up. As neither of these two brands parts with their flagship offerings that easily. And the sole fact they have now temporarily joined forces hardly means either is eager to throw away the idea of healthy profit margins, aka the number one motivator for being in the highly competitive gaming PC market in the first place.

Especially when it comes to laptops, and even then, especially when you are looking for VR-optimized portable machines. As even today’s most powerful notebeooks are hardly made with VR in mind, but this bundle promises to change your mind about the portability of such room-scale, digitally surreal entertainment.

Oh, so long as you can afford the $2,249/$2,449 price tags attached to the two AORUS 15G packages containing the Vive Cosmos and Vive Cosmos Elite, respectively.

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