Hewlett Packard (HP), one of the most recognizable electronics brands in the world and a household name in the U.S. tech industry, today announced perhaps its most ambitious diversification effort in recent memory.

Namely, the company is planning to double down on its 3D printing operations in the sense that it will finally attempt doing what pretty much every even remotely relevant player in the 3D printing space dreads – testing the scalability of the business model that already cost more than anyone imagined it would.

Yes, 3D printing technologies, as amazing as they are, aren’t the most scalable solution the manking ever devised, so any attempt at scaling up such operations tends to be met with skepticism. The same holds true for HP’s latest announcement. But needless to say, if anyone has the expertise to pull of 3D printing on such an unprecedentedly massive scale, that would simply have to be HP, at this point.

As a result of this move, expect the firm to soon begin offering more robust, data-driven consulting services, additional B2B SaaS plans, and everything else that usually goes with such a riskey, potentially hugely resource-intensive investment.

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