After five years of sitting at the bottom of the ocean, one fortunate GoPro stranded in Cape Town – functional enough to find its way home.

How to turn a rusty camera with little resale value into a free boat ride?

When 10-year-old Kaylem Conradie and James Said stumbled upon an initially unrecognizable camera in the sea in the Hout Bay in Cape Town, on 2nd February, they had no idea that it would start off quite an adventure. They thought it was a toy at first, but once they removed the shells and shrimps that domesticated on the item, they found out it was a GoPro camera. James’s mom, Bianca Said, took the camera home because the boys were eager to return it to the owner. Although they couldn’t turn on the camera, the memory card was intact, showing a picture of a woman posing with a surfboard. After posting that woman’s photo on the local Facebook group, Hout Bay Organised, a woman’s son reached out to Bianca within five minutes. As it turns out, his mom and brother lost the camera out in the ocean in 2016. And that was actually in the footage of the camera.

The camera sank down to the bottom of the ocean after the incident, the footage showed. It was a bit rusty, but still working perfectly after the battery was recharged. The boys who found it were very pleased that their treasure hunt made someone happy. As a reward for reuniting her with the long-lost camera over the following weekend, the owner treated the boys and their sisters to a free boat ride.