Upcoming Google’s Android-based smartphones will come with Android 12 pre-installed, powered by the new Tensor SoC chip. This SoC is turning many heads as it was in development by Google since 2016, making its debut in the new Pixel 6 smartphones. Google believes that this SoC will make it possible for users of Pixel 6 smartphones to experience ultimate AI technology and advanced machine learning through the usage of their phones. All of this would indicate that some more advanced functions within Android 12 are to get introduced to the market, along with better personalization and security measures. What about the phones themselves?

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro Technical Specifications

Both Pixels feature a refreshed design, which, at least judging by the renders popping up, will remain subtle but premium. Hardware specification-wise, the Pixel 6 is expected to have a 6,4 inches AMOLED display, 8GB of RAM, 128/256GB of onboard storage, 50MP and 12MP cameras on the back, and a single 8MP front-facing camera. Pixel 6 Pro, as one would expect, bumps up the specs a notch, featuring a slightly larger screen at 6,7 inches, 12GB of RAM, 128/256/512GB onboard storage options, 50MP, 48MP, and 12MP cameras on the back with a single 12MP camera unit on the front. In terms of batteries, the Pixel 6 should have a 4,614mAh capacity, while the Pro variant should have a 5,000mAh battery.

With such an impressive spec sheet, both Pixel phones will impose to be an excellent choice for mobile gaming and gaming on the cloud in general. In addition, Pixel phones were always highly rated in terms of web content compatibility, so for anyone looking into playing browser-based casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, or slot machines, this platform will be a good choice. Modern casino web-based games build upon the proved and tested technology behind embedding games into websites such as HTML5 and often include sports betting sections on the site, expanding the entertainment portfolio significantly.

The Pixel 6 Series Release Date and MSRP

After plenty of suggestions from the Internet’s rumour mill, the release date is somewhere in the Fall of 2021, which is all we officially know so far. With that said, this means that Pixel 6 might arrive in September, which follows the usual Google trend of releasing their flagship Pixel phones by the end of the yea. Still, we might see a slightly postponed release with troubles related to chip manufacturing and the global shortage of components.

Price-wise, things are a bit more challenging to assess, as the Pixel series has moved between ranges a bit throughout its existence in the last couple of years. However, based on the Pixel 5 series MSRP pricing of US$699, it is possible and expected for the Pixel 6 smartphone to follow the same trend. On the other hand, Rick Osterloh, Google’s hardware executive, has mentioned several times that the Pixel 6 aims to be a mainstream premium product, which might indicate a slightly beefier price tag.