Medical professionals appear to have began warming up to virtual reality headsets. Or, better said, the idea of such tech solutions. But that’s more than enough reason to celebrate if you are a VR company. Especially if you used to have been much more but ended up stripped for parts after a series of horrible management decisions. Leaving you happy at any sign of a possibility that things might finally be looking up.

Cue today’s story from Seattle, where HTC Vive and Penumbra announced the REAL Immersive System, a customizable platform design to facilitate stroke recovery amid a wide patient demographic. Given the importance of rehabilitation in dealing with neurological trauma, modern medicine is progressively placing a gradually greater emphasis on any such activitiy with potential neuroplasticity benefits.

Those would be any factors helping the brain make sense of trauma by recompartmentalizing experiences in a way that helps a person better cope with trauma, whether physical, mental, or both, as is often the case with strokes. In effect, various VIVE VR headsets and other tech from HTC is now being put in use in stroke recovery through the said REAL Immersive System that HTC is hoping will expand beyond the U.S. in the future.

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