In addition to its collection of gaming and technology websites, Damage Media Group is now adding a travel and tourism site to its resume. is expected to launch this summer, just in time for the 2022 tourist season. The site will inform readers about the attractions, gastronomy, and history of ten diverse vacation destinations in Europe, as well as provide them with itineraries and suggestions for road trips.

The Website will operate on the latest version of WordPress, which provides the site with Google-friendly coding that makes the site render beautifully across all devices. It will use a modified Soledad Magazine theme, giving it a polished, web magazine feel, and it will retain high speeds even under heavy traffic loads due to its A2 hosting.

The Future of Travel

The future of travel looks bright in 2022. Experts agree that this summer will see a huge increase in tourism as a result of restrictions being lifted across the globe. Most countries in Europe are now relaxing their entry requirements, making it easier than ever for fully-vaccinated travelers to go on both domestic and international holidays. Content

The travel site will focus on ten of the most-visited countries in Europe, and will provide readers with information about entry requirements, tips for what to do and where to go, and a look at the best time to visit. Each country will have its own pillar article, with several smaller articles branching off to describe specific cities within that country. The guide to Cyprus, for instance, describes the local museums, monasteries, and national parks one can visit, as well as the country’s world-famous wine, Commandaria.

Six countries have been profiled on so far, as the site is still under construction. The full launch of the project is set for summer 2023. For the latest news, you can follow DMG on their Linkedin page.

About Damage Media Group

An independent digital publishing group based in Tallinn, Estonia, DMG specializes in creating content-driven experiences for technology, travel, and gaming enthusiasts. Since it was established in late 2020, the company has been paving its way into the publishing sector by acquiring existing websites that operate within their markets of interest. It then improves upon those websites via its own network of journalists, editors and contributors from the tech and gaming sectors. The latest news about the company can be found on their LinkedIn Page.