Chinese drone company and one of the global leaders in its field, DJI, is joining forces with Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E team in order to tread some new storytelling ground, the company announced in a press release publicized earlier today.

And no, this is an entirely different Formula from F1, you won’t see Lewis Hamilton shilling for any particular drone company for the time being. What you will see, however, is some sweet original content that DJI promised will follow as a result of this unique collaboration. Well, not that unique, mind you, as the Mercedes-Benz sports teams have been rather busy this year.

The aforementioned Formula 1 team actually already partnered with both NVIDIA and AMD over the course of this year, which is quite an achievement in an off itself. Though the latter collab is a pretty vanilla sponsorship, so there’s that. As for this DJI partnership, expect some cool aerial footage from the upcoming ABB FIA Formula E races and… that is pretty much it, but it’s not like fans of the sport need an excuse to look at pretty pictures, especially those that move.

Needless to say, DJI will certainly be using this opportunity to promote its aircraft, i.e. its motorsports photography potential.

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