The Canon EOS R5 was always destined to be a highly-sought camera, what with it being the Japanese juggernaut’s first full-fledged mirrorless body with some utterly monstrous specs, but the unique circumstances saturating the entirety of this year amplified this effect by a pretty massive factor.

But no more. Because today, over four months since the technically official U.S. release of the Canon EOS R5, you might actually and finally be able to find one that you can buy, regardless of the exact part of the country in which you are located. Even the official Canon USA website now has the EOS R5 listed as in stock and widely available, which is a label we haven’t seen once since the flagship camera’s launch event in early July.

Over the last four months, pretty much all of Canon’s stateside stores and most outlets from its distributors and resellers had the EOS R5 listed as “out of stock.” Not even reports of a faulty batch with overheating issues did anything to curb the enthusiasm for the camera among American pro photographers.

Even Amazon is now offering standard two-day shipping via Prime,, so the only thing left to do is come up with $3,899, which is how much a lens-less body of this historic camera is going to cost you. But hey – think of all that 8K footage you’re going to shoot!

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