Diabetics and people tracking their blood sugar levels can now manage their glucose levels more easily with the Fitbit app.

Is this a paid service?

There’s no more need to look for third-party apps if you’re a Fitbit owner managing your glucose levels. Starting this week, Fitbit app can track your blood sugar levels, although you’ll have to manually enter data. Also, this feature isn’t available from current Fitbit’s wearables, but once you enter the data, you’ll be able to set your target ranges and check how you’re doing on a daily basis or in the long run. By watching out your blood sugar levels, you can reduce risks of heart diseases, and (ultimately) make better lifestyle choices. You can also easily detect how your sleep, food, and fitness impact your glucose levels and how they change with healthier options.

The standard tracking is free, while but Premium subscribers will receive more correlations and trends within longer periods of tracking. Also, they’ll be able to share their levels via Health Coaching and the Wellness Report. But to stay on the safe side, don’t mistake this feature for official medical advice that can diagnose or treat medical conditions. It will just help you monitor your health and make smarter and healthier lifestyle choices.

Source: Fitbit.com