Legendary luxury carmaker Bentley today announced that the fact it is rather late to the electric vehicle game means little because it intends to ditch gas engines just as quickly as the competition.

Or even faster than the competition, in fact

The company’s latest announcement was accompanied by a surprisingly detailed EV roadmap describing Bentley’s journey toward a more sustainable, eco-friendlier future. The company’s current plan is to be entirely end-to-end carbon neutral come 2030, which includes ceasing production of any and all vehicles with gas engines. By then, the luxury brand should achieve complete electrification.

There will be at least one stop-gap between that much-anticipated day and today. Namely, Bentley predicts it will still be producing at least one battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) come 2026. So, it should be about halfway after about half of the predicted period is up… yup, sounds about right.

Meanwhile, Bentley continues to pursue PHEVs as it’s doing what it can to amass more experience in the segment. That is why it is planning to release no fewer than two such plug-in models next year, in addition to doubling down on hiring top engineering talent that will help make this historic transition to green transportation energy sources smoother.

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