An interactive family corner called Alcove is on its way to virtual reality environments by the way of an Oculus Quest port. Its developers describe it as a unique virtual environment for connecting with people you care about the most.

It is filled with miniature games, interactive trivia assignments, reactive art, and all other manners of curious content that will hopefully keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours on end, or as much as desired.

If that sounds familiar, it is because Alcove already had its debut inside Facebook’s VR ecosystem with the app’s arrival to the Oculus Go. As for the Oculus Quest, the more serious VR headset from Oculus will be getting its own version of Alcove on August 20th.

As was the case with the Oculus Go original the Oculus Quest version of Alcove will be entirely free to download and peruse at your own discretion. The port will include 360-degree city tours, air balloon rides, ocean dives, and all of the other unique features that made the original Alcove such a popular VR app on the Oculus Go.

There is currently no information on whether developers intend to attempt monetizing the app’s growing user base in the future.

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