Creative software conglomerate Adobe Inc. has today announced its latest corporate endeavor in the form of a deeply intertwined and highly publicized partnership with one of the largest technology companies that ever rose to prominence – Windows creator Microsoft.

The newly confirmed collaboration between the two mainstay industry names already began, with its one and only goal being to revolutionize customer and (hence) user experiences through a combination of pioneering design and cutting-edge innovations in the fields of machine learning and other professions associated with artificial intelligence.

The first result of the tie-up comes in the form of C3 AI CRM, a new customer relationship management platform leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem of cross-platform enterprise apps. By combining their data, AI technologies, and highly specific vertical market targets, Adobe and Microsoft are hoping to deliver the biggest revolution of CRM solutions since the field’s very inception a quarter of a century ago.

From a client perspective, today’s news means corporate customers can expect to immediately start benefitting from more accurate product demand and revenue prediction models, unprecedented techniques for lowering churn rates, and equally historic sets of detailed analytics offerings promising to bring a wide variety of software-based products and services to entirely new heights.

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